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Wealth Coaching

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!” Diversification is the key to successful investing. All successful investors build portfolios that are widely diversified. The problem is that most people still don't understand the importance of properly diversifying their money.

As a wealth coach, you can open a lot of people's eyes to common investing mistakes they should avoid to have a secure future.

Bentley Wealth Coaching ManualWhat Is Wealth Coaching And Why Is It In Demand?

As a wealth coach, your job more than anything is to help people understand what's really going on. There are many people out there who want to invest, but either don't know where to begin or they simply haven't taken care of more important things first.

Before anyone considers investing in any type of market, they should really take a long hard look at their current situation. Investing in the future is a good thing, but clearing up bad or potentially bad situations in the present is more important.

Why Buy Gas If You Don't Have A Vehicle?

Yet that's what many people try to do from an investment standpoint. They try and invest money without first taking care of essential things first like paring down their debt. The reason why it's important to get rid of debt or at least most of it before investing is because the debt could eventually outstrip any financial gain from investing in the long run.

What most people don't consider about credit cards, debt and investing...

  • The average consumer has 4 credit cards, with an average balance per card of $3,900 (that’s $15,600 in debt in case you haven’t done the math!) These companies keep offering us new cards every week (think of how many you have gotten in the last year!) with higher credit limits and cash advances. Basically, they insult our intelligence.

Many consumers are flattered when the receive their "PRE-APPROVED PLATNIUM VISA, just fill out the form below, sign and send back" letter. We think we’re being rewarded for a job well done. The job, of course, being able to spend money with the best of them and pay it back, better than most. People get SUCKED into this mental trap! That offer is really a vicious wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • If someone makes the minimum payment due on their average balance of $3900 each month, their credit card will be paid off in approximately 39 years! It’s called "amortization", or in the case of credit card repayment, I should say "lack of amortization". In lay people’s terms, this simply means, you have no real term set in order to pay this back. It’s open-ended. They’ll let you pay on that same balance forever if you let them.

When you buy an automobile, you may finance it for 5 years. You know that if you never send an extra dime but your monthly payment to that loan company or bank, you will own that car on the day of your 60th payment. You have none of these guarantees with credit cards. They are revolving accounts. I guess you can say they are like the Energizer Bunny, "THEY KEEP GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING…

  • Many offer promotions like transferring balances from other credit cards to the new card they can offer you. If you transfer balances from other cards, they say, they will charge you a reduced rate of interest on those portions that are transfers. This sounds like a great deal (going form 18% to a promotional rate of say 6.2%), however, most have a catch.

For instance, if you do not charge something new on the new card each and every month, the interest goes up to the regular rate of the card (which is often high), or if you make one late payment, you forego the lower promotional rate and the rate again goes up to the regular rate of the card. It's a classic bait and switch.

  • If you keep making your minimum payments only, your balance will rarely ever get paid off. Most people haven't noticed that while their minimum payment due on your credit card may be $85, their balance only goes down $12 dollars when they pay it. WHY? That’s because they pay obscene amounts of interest on credit cards.

Even the so-called "low-interest rate" credit cards don’t show their payments going toward bringing down their balances. All they do is just require a lower minimum payment. Sure, this might help a person's monthly expenditure right now, but it won't get them out of debt any faster. That’s because THE MINIMUM PAYMENT DUE ON CREDIT CARDS ARE BASICALLY "INTEREST-ONLY" PAYMENTS. They're still paying for the right to have charged an amount in the first place.

  • Example: Your rate of 6.9% is a teaser rate. After 6 months, your rate will be 21%. The Teaser, a.k.a. Introductory, rate credit card has made credit card banks and centers BILLIONS of dollars. Because so few consumers ever read the FINE PRINT. You know, the print that only the eyes of a 12 year old can read without getting a migraine? These credit cards come with stipulations that are only designed to line the pockets of credit card companies.

There are too many "catches" to name. But I assure you, they are there. Credit card banks don’t make any money if they are financing your debt at below Wall Street Prime interest rates so they gouge you for whatever they can.

  • Most credit card payments are due on the last day of the month or on the first day of the month. Most of us get paid on one of these two days also. If you pay your bill on the first and send it in the mail, payment is probably posted sometime between the 5th and the 10th of the month. Many credit card banks not only regard that as a late payment, but they charge you a late fee and interest on the entire balance.

That's why it's so important as a wealth coach to clue people into why they need to take care of "right now" before they can truly start securing their future. Being a wealth coach should be about more than getting people to pay you for financial advice. It should be about helping them have better futures even if you have to tell them what they may not want to hear.

Wealth Is About More Than Money

True wealth is about peace of mind. Who could have peace of mind with their investments while knowing their debt level is continuing to rise? Debt compounds and grows. The purpose of investing is to have a secure financial future, but you can't have a secure financial future if the money that's made from investments is owed towards debts.

A Good Wealth Coach Can Inspire Change

There are quite a few people out there who are looking for wealth coaches when they haven't even taken care of the basics yet. It's my belief that it's your responsibility as a responsible wealth coach to teach people what they don't know about putting themselves in a position to be able to benefit from investing. Not everyone can benefit right away; especially if they have debt issues.

Our Core Wealth Coaching Certification Program...

Combines traditional planning with “drills” designed to direct behavior toward discovering and achieving a purpose for money. It focuses on moving away from traditional financial myths by relying on academic research to develop strategies that operate in the client’s best interest, not the brokerage firm or insurance company.

Core Philosophies

  • Free markets work.
  • Good planning does not require death to be successful.
  • The future cannot be accurately predicted.
  • Clients will hear your opinion even if they don’t wish to hear it.

Wealth Advisory Components

  • Critical Factors Discovery.
  • Abundant Cash Flow.
  • Retirement Map.
  • Financial Foundation Formula.
  • Free Market Investing Process.
  • Personal Income.
  • Tax Relief System.
  • Purpose Based Estate Planning Social & Community Strategy.

Wealth Coaching Components

  • Discovering Your Purpose for Money.
  • Choosing Your Investment Philosophy.
  • Separating Myth from Truth.
  • Understanding the Dimensions of Risk & Return
  • The Investment Vortex


  • The Dark Side of Investing.
  • Structuring Your Free Market Portfolio.

“It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

Our certification training gives you the tools you need to help clients more effectively manage their money for the future. Past behavior, current situations and the future are all connected because past behavior (from your clients regarding money) is directly responsible for their current situation and it can also jeopardize their future if left unchecked. That's why it's important as a wealth coach to help people understand all of their options and responsibilities now and for the future.

Certified TrainingIn many professions, certification is a requirement for employment because it represents that an individual seeking a job is professionally competent. It's possible to become a financial coach without certification, but you may lose out on a position to someone who is certified by an accredited organization like the Bentley Corporate Firm, Inc.

Our financial coaching certification gives you an edge when you're presenting your offer to an individuals or businesses you'd like to offer coaching your services to.

This Course Will Give You An Unfair Advantage

Although this information has been tested and proven successful in the field, the course itself is brand new; the additions to the course, the rewrites, the bonus audio and field tested blueprints have NEVER been shared by anyone before. What you'll quickly discover is that you have an immediate (and unfair) advantage out there in the field using our materials.

Our certified training program is kind of like taking a bazooka to a stick fight. You'll be armed with the most powerful information available detailing everything you need to be successful in this business.

But You Have To Hurry...

It was never our intention here to let more than a handful of people in on this information because quite frankly, we don't want to create too many of our own highly skilled competitors. That being said, if you'd like to become a Wealth Coach, now is the time. If you wait, this course may not be available later or it may be available but at a much higher price to weed out those who aren't serious. You must act now to lock in the low introductory price and additional training bonuses.

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P.S. Remember, this is certified training that gives you all the tools and strategies you need to become a successful coach. It's important to fill out the application right now so you don't miss out! This is only for those that are serious about their success and are willing to follow a proven blueprint to achieve success and are willing to work at living their dream life. If you're not serious, if you're skeptical or if you're just want to "think" about it, then please move over and let someone else who wants it take one of the limited spots available in our training program.

However, if you are interested and pumped up by the excitement of knowing that you can use this certified coaching program to create a wildly successful coaching business, then click here now to apply.